1. Marco Simoncelli (Gilera), 1.41,2822. Hector Barbera (Aprilia), a 0,0173. Mike Di Meglio (Aprilia), a 0,7304. Alex debon (Aprilia), a 1,3875. Gabor Talmacsi (Aprilia),...

1. Marco Simoncelli (Gilera), 1.41,282
2. Hector Barbera (Aprilia), a 0,017
3. Mike Di Meglio (Aprilia), a 0,730
4. Alex debon (Aprilia), a 1,387
5. Gabor Talmacsi (Aprilia), a 1,522
6. Roberto Locatelli (Gilera), a 1,526
7. Lucas Pesek (Aprilia), a 1,669
8. Thomas Lüthi (Aprilia), a 1,697
9. Karel Abraham (Aprilia), a 2,084
10. Álvaro Bautista (Aprilia), a 2,405

Alvaro’s times (over some 65 laps) are not going to be particularly indicative at this stage; not only was he apparently taking things pretty gently on his collarbone, but also there are reports of his transponder not working much of the time either.

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