1. Talmacsi 2min 1.902sec2. Bautista (Aprilia) +0.041sec3. Pasini (Aprilia) +0.294sec4. Aoyama (Honda) +0.444sec5. Barbera (Aprilia) +0.481sec6. Wilairot (Honda) +0.481sec7. Luthi (Aprilia) +0.524sec8. Cluzel (Aprilia)...

1. Talmacsi 2min 1.902sec
2. Bautista (Aprilia) +0.041sec
3. Pasini (Aprilia) +0.294sec
4. Aoyama (Honda) +0.444sec
5. Barbera (Aprilia) +0.481sec
6. Wilairot (Honda) +0.481sec
7. Luthi (Aprilia) +0.524sec
8. Cluzel (Aprilia) +0.799sec
9. Pesek (Aprilia) +0.862sec
10. Faubel (Honda) +0.880sec

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