Morales walks away from terrifying crash while Gadea suffers from first corner pile up

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The Tenerife 40 Pons Moto2 Team had a horrid day at the Catalunya GP today, with both riders suffering from big incidents during the race.

The first already happened in the very first corner when a big pile up caused by Alex Debón took out nine riders, among them Sergio Gadea. Luckily the Valencian was able to hold on to his bike which didn’t crash too badly and was able to get back on the track. However, he was at the very end of the field by then which made it impossible for him to get any points. Despite this Gadea still did a good pace and gained some more experience and kilometres on his bike.

The second incident was probably the most shocking of the whole day and happened at the very end of the Moto2 race, just before the finish line, where Carmelo Morales was fighting for a superb 7th position, but then touched the back wheel of Kenny Noyes in front of him which instantly flipped his bike and threw him in the air and being at a very high speed he also tumbled into the wall on the straight with his bike almost flying of the fence. Morales was immediately brought to the Clinica Mobile but despite the very nasty look of the crash, he fortunately only suffered some bruising on his shoulder and left elbow.

#40. Sergio Gadea: 25º
“This was madness. I saw that somebody on the inside crashed and I expected the worst for me and the riders ahead. The problem was that I was right in the middle of things then. Then riders started crashing and it was really a shame. I believe I could have done a good race here at home, because despite the qualifying we’ve been working really hard all weekend. But I have to live with that. I was able to get my rythm, but the handlebars were bent and also some parts borken. Mentally it’s very difficult to risk much in these conditions. But I still pushed hard and managed some ‘48.7 and several low ’49s. So I take away the positives from this, that we are improving and that I have shown that I can be up front. Now we head to Germany which is almost another home race for me, because there I got my first championship points and also the Kalex is produced there. I would like to get a good result.”

#31. Car it to me Morals: DNF
“That last lap with Kenny was very nice. I think we’ve passed each other four times and on the finish line he passed me and I closed the throttle a little and intented to overtake him from the slipstream. There I wasn’t focused enough, because I calculated the distances wrong and touched him. I crashed and flipped through the air and I was afraid to hit the wall. I noticed a strong hit, but they told me that was the bike. It didn’t stop spinning and I realized that it was hard to breathe, but otherwise I didn’t feel anything worse in my body.
I’m disappointed not to have fulfilled my main goal which was to finish the race. Yesterday I already knew that I need a bit more pace and more confidence with the front part of the bike. I went a bit with the group around Elias, but I couldn’t keep up. It has been a difficult weekend, because I would have needed a couple more practice sessions to be competitive. I wanted to do just a little more and get inside the Top 5.”

Source: Tenerife 40 Pons Racing

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