Nico Terol spends night in hospital, final injury verdict still pending

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The crash of Nico Terol in the 125cc race yesterday might have more severe consequences than initially assumed. He was immediately taken to the Catalunya General Hospital via ambulance and with respiratory support after the first exminations of the Clinica Mobile at the circuit. Terol is treated by Doctro Raúl Hasper who ordered CT scans because of the severe thorax contusion Nico suffered.
The official statement:

“Nicholas Terol Peidro: is in stable condition, without neurological damage, normal cardiovascular situation and without needing respiratory support. Thorax CT: shows traumatic pulmonary contusion in left lung, nether region. Fractures of left transverse process, lumbar vertebrae L1 and L2. Normal cranial CT. Normal abdominal CT. Slight contusion of left hand. Transferred to ICU for observation and control during next 12 to 24 hours.”

After the three CT tests, it was decided that the Bancaja Aspar rider would no longer need respiratory support. Nico Terol spent the night in the ICU breathing on his own. Depending on how his condition is today after the night’s rest and if his recovery goes normal, he will be transferred to the regular station today and around noon a traumatologist will give the final diagnosis and decide which steps to take for a speedy recovery.

We’d like to wish Nico all the best and hope he can be back soon!

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