Video: Maria Herrera interview, “Competing in the World Championship is a wish come true”

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Arriving in the World Championship is the aspiration of many riders. This year, Maria Herrera will make this wish reality. After earning 3 wins in her historic spell in the FIM CEV Repsol and a total of 4 wildcard appearances in the World Championship, the Spaniard will begin her 2015 preseason preparing for a permanent spot on the Moto3 grid.

Her first test appearances of the year will come next thursday and friday, when she will continue adapting to her new team and bike with her focus on the season opener: The Qatar GP on March 29th.

There will be two women competing in the 2015 Moto3 World Championship. How does it feel to be one of them?

“I’m very happy, because we are very few women and finding a sponsor to compete in the World Championship makes me very happy. It’s what I worked for these last few years.”

How do you face the season, will it be different than the previous ones?

“It will be more or less the same; you only need to know the bike, which I already tested in 2011. But this is new, so I’ll need to get used to it first.”

What did you learn in the Grand Prix you have competed in?

“Honestly, it was a beautiful experience. There is a very high level, so you need to focus on your work and not looking around, because then the rest are a step ahead and you need to learn from them.”

Which will be your aim for this season?

“My aim is to learn and take it easy in the circuits that are new for me. In general, what I want is to learn a lot from this new phase.”

How do you think the FIM CEV Repsol, where you have competed three years, has helped you?

“This last year I learnt quite a lot of things, especially when I started focusing in my riding and in the things I did instead of losing concentration so quickly because of what others did. So I learnt a lot.”

You will need to learn a lot of new circuits. Did you already played on them with the videogame?

“Yes, I am already playing. I’m a bit obsessed with it now, but I’m learning quite a lot.”

A wish for 2015?

“I think competing in the World Championship is already a wish come true and I must thank Repsol for their support.”

Source: Repsol Media

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