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Here you go… the grid for the 125cc race in China – we’re looking from the rear of the formation so you can spot Pere over to the right 4 rows up from the bottom.It’s a good indication of just how miserable conditions were at the start of the... Read more
This is a training video with Bancaja Aspar riders Sergio Gadea & Pere Tutusaus as well as Nico Terol from the Jack & Jones WRB Team.The video shows the riders training with Rafa, the trainer you already saw in the previous profile of Sergio Gadea. Read more
Thanks to our top newshound stv21 for the update that Alvaro Bautista and Hector Faubel visited the MotOH!, the motor-fair in Barcelona on Friday evening. Other MotoGP riders have also been present at the event so far – such as Lorenzo, Olive, Espargaro, Debon, Barbera, and so-on, and Mapfre... Read more
Just a quick little tip for you, there’s a link to a clip featuring Pere’s trainer – Rafa Olcina over at one of our affiliate sites, TeamAspar.net in a piece of video about Sergio Gadea, another of the riders he trains.The clip is from TVE’s “Paddock GP” and was... Read more
Gabor Talmacsi:“This morning in the warmup I had a good feeling in the wet, and I was convinced that I could win today. Iannone was faster than me when the temperatures began to rise. I wasn’t sure then if the engine would last out. I could have made a... Read more
In their press release the Aspar Team quite rightly point out that young rookie Pere Tutusaus had the best race of his fledgling career to match his impressive qualifying run. With 15 riders hitting the deck, he held his nerve and was calm to take a deserved 15th place... Read more
After his stunning victory in the first race of the season, riding with a dislocated collarbone, the Spanish TV show “Paddock GP” featured Sergio Gadea in a short profile, visiting the 125cc Bancaja Aspar rider at home and filming him during training. Read more
CLASSIFIED: Pos | Rider | Bike | Time 1. Mika Kallio KTM 48:12.217 2. Hiroshi Aoyama KTM ... Read more