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These are a couple of recent photos of Pere; during training in the gym, and out on track – which i have taken from the blog of Pere’s trainer – Rafa who also trains, amongst others, Sergio Gadea and Hector Faubel. I think the magazine reference is to do... Read more
Yahoo/Eurosport reports a “sizeable crash” for Pere at Valencia yesterday (04/02/08)…Anybody else know any more info on this? Original article here… Read more
Here’s some post-test comments from Pere, as reported from DailyMotos – and poorly translated by me – where they say he has continued his work on the new bike and, although he is satisfied, he is conscious that there is still much work ahead: “Today it has been a... Read more
DAY 3 (31/01/08)250cc————————————————–1 Sergio Gadea Aprilia 1.38.390 53 laps 2 Bradley Smith Aprilia 1.38.985 32 laps 3 Gabor Talmacsi Aprilia 1.39.800 44 laps 4 Pol Espargaró Derbi 1.39.917 43 laps 5 Nico Terol Aprilia 1.39.922 44 laps 6 Andrea Iannone Aprilia 1.40.008 52 laps 7 Tomoyoshi Koyama KTM 1.40.024... Read more
Valencia – Day 2 – 30/01/08125 cc : ————————————————————1.- Sergio Gadea ESP Aprilia 1.38.982 37 laps 2.- Bradley Smith GBR Aprilia 1.39.630 60 laps 3.- Gabor Talmacsi HUN Aprilia 1.39.688 38 laps 4.- Tomoyoshi Koyama JAP KTM 1.39.795 26 laps 5.- Hugo Van der Berg HOL Honda 1.40.163 48... Read more
Thanks to stv21 for finding me this pic; the first I’ve seen *anywhere* (and god I’ve been looking!) of Pere at the latest tests, and of course – on the Aspar bike in his new Aspar kit.As you can see he’s inherited the flourescent orange swatch on the Bancaja... Read more
DAY ONE29/01/08 Valencia Test – Cheste: 125cc—————————————1 Simone Corsi Aprilia 1.39.6 2 Sergio Gadea Aprilia 1.39.7 3 Gabor Talmacsi Aprilia 1.39.9 4 Joan Olivé Derbi 1.40.3 5 Pol Espargaró Derbi 1.40.4 6 Bradley Smith Aprilia 1.40.4 7 Andrea Iannone Aprilia 1.40.4 8 Randy Krummenacher KTM 1.40.5 9 Sandro Cortese... Read more

Jerez Test – 26/01/08

News January 26, 2008

Info: Circuito de Jerez… DAY THREE125cc: ——————————————–1.-Bradley Smith (Aprilia) 1.46.869 2.-Gabor Talmacsi (Aprilia) 1.47.113 3.-S.Corsi (Aprilia) 1.47.487 4..-M. Di Meglio (Derbi) 1.47.572 5.-S.Gadea (Aprilia) 1.47.655 6.-S. Cortese (Aprilia) 1.48.012 7.-P.Espargaró (Derbi) 1.48.053 8.-J.Olive (Derbi) 1.48.334 9.-N.Terol (Aprilia) 1.48.412 10.-S.Bradl (Aprilia) 1.48.501 11.-D.Aegerte (Derbi) 1.48.513 12.-E.Rabat (KTM) 1.48.602 13.-S.Redding (Aprilia) 1.48.770... Read more

Jerez Test – 25/01/08

News January 26, 2008

Info from Circuito de Jerez… Day 2 Jerez 125cc: ——————————-1.-B. Smith (Aprilia) 1.48.182 2.-N. Terol (Aprilia) 1.48.559 3.-G. Talmacsi (Aprilia) 1.48.565 4.-M. DiMeglio (Derbi) 1.48.603 5.-S. Cortese (Aprilia) 1.48.763 6.-S.Gadea (Aprilia) 1.48.864 7.-S. Corsi (Aprilia) 1.49.208 8.-J. Olive (Derbi) 1.49.387 9.-P. Espargaró (Derbi) 1.49.642 10.-R. Murezan (Aprilia) 1.49.879 11.-E. Vazquez... Read more