Dani Pedrosa 26 – Widescreen Desktop Wallpaper No.2


Here’s the first of our 2015 Dani Pedrosa downloads – a big funky 1920×1200 widescreen desktop wallpaper for your computer, laptop or tablet.

Click to download Dani Pedrosa widescreen desktop wallpaper 2015_no1 (490)

Dani Pedrosa 26 – icon set No.1 for PC and Mac OSX


Download and enjoy our first set of icons for 2013 – one of many sets of desktop downloads for you: wallpapers, icons and more.
First up is a set of folder and drive icons for the Dani Pedrosa fans out there – with sets for both Mac OSX users and also Windows PC users.
Use the download links below…

Dani Pedrosa 19 Windows PC Desktop Icons - Set 1 (743)

Dani Pedrosa 19 Mac OSX Desktop Icons - Set 1 (589)

Download your Dani Pedrosa
iPhone or Smartphone wallpaper packs…

Dani Pedrosa iPhone Wallpapers - Set 1 (679)

Dani Pedrosa Smartphone Wallpapers Set 1 (742)