In a determined effort to put my Alvaro-related picture library (or “The Stash” as it is known in these parts…) to some good use, I’ve made one of those cool Mosaic posters, where you create a single (or apparently single) large image out of a vast quantity of smaller... Read more
Well – as I’m sure you will have noticed as you are already looking at the blog here, things have all gone a bit red…. but it’s not just here – it’s also the main website, the batifans forum, and our fanshop too. Me & stv21 wanted to... Read more
I’ve done a very general 2008 MotoGP “Calendar” wallpaper – hopefully a nice download for a fan of any rider…It’s a blue-ish design with grids and dots making up a world map and a semi-opaque treatment of a big bunch of MotoGP bikes sweeping into a corner overlaid on... Read more