Downloads: New Pol Espargaro Tech3 Monster Yamaha desktop wallpaper
We’ve got a new download for all the Pol Espargaro fans out there. A new widescreen desktop wallpaper for your PC or Mac. It comes in three different sizes to match most desktop monitors and laptop screens: 1920×1200, 1680×1050, and 1440×900. We hope you like it! Click on the links below to download…     Read more
Downloads: Pol Espargaro – Widescreen Desktop Wallpaper No.1
This season we’re hoping to give you plenty of fan downloads: and here is a new one for the many Pol Espargaro fans out there. It’s available in three widescreen sizes that should suit most computers or laptops: 1920×1200, 1680×1050, and 1440×900. Enjoy, and keep an eye out here on Vroom... Read more
Downloads: Marc Marquez 93 – Widescreen Desktop Wallpaper No.1
This season we’re hoping to give you plenty of fan downloads: and here is a new one for the growing army of Marc Marquez fans out there. It’s a widescreen desktop wallpaper for your PC or Mac, with Marc in typically full-on riding style, meshed into a funky textured background... Read more
I’ve done a couple more desktop wallpapers of Pere on this year’s Go Eleven PMS KTM ride.As with the previous set of designs, they’re nice big, textured widescreen designs. Click here for the 1440×900 version… Click here for the 1280×800 version… Enjoy 🙂 Read more
Okay; I’ve finally got round to doing some proper “TuTu 09” desktop wallpapers.I’ve made a real effort to do something that’s good in a number of sizes and also something that stands up in its own right as a decent piece of graphic design.It’s based on a lovely action... Read more
Get yourself over to for the latest exclusive desktop wallpaper design, available in two widescreen sizes.Click here… Read more
We all know that Alvaro’s mascot is a little diablo – and that he revels in that image. (although there’s nothing actually “serious” in it; it very much a *mischeivous* icon really, rather than an *evil* one.) But anyone who’s met him at races, or seen him in his... Read more
Alvaro had two main helmet designs in the 2008 season; a standard one (on his new Suomy lid) that was a hotch-potch of blue and red and white – and not terribly elegant – and another that was very much red and silver and which owed more to the... Read more
I’ve now finished the funky set of desktop icons for Windows, featuring Pere’s #30 logo and cute black cat mascot.They’re great for replacing dull and boring ‘standard’ folder, document and file icons – and will look brilliant at any scaling with their 3D look and alpha-channel drop shadows and... Read more
I’ve done the first of a number of desktop wallpapers based on the #30 artwork I’ve done of Pere’s logo and black cat.V1.0 is of the logo sprayed on a dark alley wall under harsh lighting.It’s ever so slightly transparent so it sits reasonably realistically on the wall with... Read more