It’s almost becoming a tradition that each season end sees not only the release of the year’s MotoGP and feeder classes Season Review DVDs, but also a companion Official MotoGP DVD of some kind, such as the previous releases “Evolution of a Species” and “The A-Z of MotoGP”, both... Read more
It was bound to happen really – as soon as the 2008 250cc Season Review DVD arrives in the hands of a total BatiNerd with a copy of Handbrake and an iPhone… Well, I’ve got to have something to help make those tube journeys a tiny bit less miserable 😉 It... Read more
As someone who religiously gets the Duke MotoGP Season Reviews, another top tip for this year has to be their “MotoGP Riding Secrets” DVD which is out now…The best part of two hours long, it’s not unlike last year’s “A-Z” title which was an excuse to pull together lots... Read more