For those of you who live your lives on the cutting edge of technology, you may be interested to know that BatiFans is now also on Twitter – where, rather than simply replicating what we do on the forum and our blogs, we can be found ‘behind the scenes’... Read more
I’ve made a groovy iPhone ‘webapp’ to help keep suitably equipped Alvaro Bautista fans bang up to date with all the latest posts, news, thought and opinion on all things Bati and MotoGP on our Fan Forum Find out all about it here…Oh, and get an iPhone 😉 Read more
Thanks to Pringle for managing to translate this post from Alvaro to his official (Spanish) forum, following up the Jerez weekend.(*All the jejeje type stuff is Spanish for laughing by the way!) Hello everybody!! How are you?? I’m fine but I could be better jejejje It was a pity in... Read more