I’ve made a Superstock 1000cc 2009 iCal for those of you using Macs or other iCal format calendar software.Simply click on this link to download it into iCal… Hope it’s useful 🙂 Read more
I’ve made a bunch of iCals to help keep tabs on all the important dates next year. iCal is an application on the Mac, which uses the open .ics calendar format – which means that you can also use these in various Windows and Linux applications such as Microsoft... Read more

2009 CEV Schedule for iCal

CEV November 21, 2008 0

For those of you who have a Mac and run OSX – or who run PCs with compatible calendar systems (such as Mozilla based stuff, etc) I’ve pulled together an iCal for next year’s CEV schedule. So to get the 2009 CEV calendar in your iCal or ‘.ics’ based calendar... Read more
In case you didn’t know, I have created iCals to cover both the MotoGP season and CEV championship schedules.If you run Mac OSX you can download them into iCal by just clicking below…MotoGP 2008 iCalCEV Buckler 2008 iCalThe iCal format is an open standard and can also be imported... Read more