Definitely no Aspar Kawasaki

January 23, 2009 0

As expected there will be no Aspar Team in the MotoGP class this season, following the withdrawal of Kawasaki. Jorge Martinez confirmed in the Spanish magazine Motociclismo that there will definitely be no green Aspar Team this season. The negotiations with the company fell short when it became clear... Read more
Kawasaki has now officialy announced its withdrawal from the MotoGP class as a factory.However, there will still be Kawasakis on the grid in 2009. But differently to what was previously assumed, Jorge Martinez will not take over the team from Kawasaki and make it into a MotoGP Aspar Team.... Read more
After the shock announcement that Kawasaki is set to leave the MotoGP class with immediate effect due to the financial crisis, Jorge Martinez Aspar is now once again in talks to possibly run ex-works Kawasakis in the MotoGP championship in 2009. reports: Leading 125cc and 250cc team Aspar are... Read more
(…or “If it’s Friday, it must be Suzuki.”) Well, the rumour mill really is in full swing now – with the Kawasaki rumours now being succeeded by talk of Alvaro having a Suzuki seat in MotoGP in 2009.This latest angle comes from an article posted yesterday in the Spanish sports... Read more
Biggie if it’s true… or have jumped the gun on this before something’s actually sealed?According to the magazine, “A NEW one-rider second Kawasaki team for next year will add to the grids, and has helped other contracts fall into place, as the 2009 line-up nears finality.The team, with... Read more
According to the magazine Jorge Martinez Aspar has now finalized the deal with Kawasaki to run a NEW factory Kawsaki team in the MotoGP class next season. The rider is said to be current 250cc championship contender and former 125cc world champion Alvaro Bautista. The quote in full: A NEW... Read more