MTECH, as you may know is a partner to Alvaro Bautista, supplying him with leathers for the 2009 season – and it’s with this kind of involvement with the sport globally, that MTECH has this year launched its “Racing Service”. A truck equipped with all accessories to service the... Read more
(*Above: Lorenzo Faggionato, Research & Development Product Manager for MTECH on the left, with Alvaro in his new kit) Further to that news about Alvaro’s switch to MTECH leathers, they have sent me this press release which covers off the reasoning behind the taking up of our hero, plus a... Read more
News from Daily Motos reports that Alvaro has switched from Clover leathers to M-TECH, with photos emerging of him modelling the NKP Racer suit.The photos also show he’s wearing Sidi boots rather than his usual TCX, though it’s not mentioned whether there’s any change in this respect (although it... Read more
It’s not exactly news that Alvaro has switched helmet suppliers for 2008 (from NZI to Suomy) nor that the new graphic design is different from that on his 2007 lid; these have been covered on various websites (notably, first, on of course) over the past days. Indeed you... Read more

Seeing Red…

Alvaro Bautista January 26, 2008 1

One thing that you’d notice immediately in testing photos from Jerez is the ‘striking’ new paint job on Alvaro Bautista’s bike. (Along with matching leathers – well, mostly matching; his gloves still seem to have the orange flashing from last year and have nothing to do with the livery,... Read more