Rosell with double learning duty at Brno as she rides Speed Up bike for first time

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Photo Copyright Simona Vogel for Vroom Media

For Elena Rosell, The Grand Prix in Brno is a new adventure in every sense. The Spanish lady racer not only has to learn another new circuit, but is now riding a Speed Up bike as well for the first time. Despite some initial problems, Rosell noticed advantages in terms of speed and handling in comparison to her previous bike immediately and is also confident to improve tomorrow.

Elena Rosell – 33rd in 2.09,052 “The new bike feels completely different than my previous one, starting from the seating position. Even though the bike is good, it obviously takes time to get used to and to find the right settings. My guys worked until three o’clock in the morning to get my new bike ready and we still had various teething problems in the two sessions today. This morning, I completed only seven laps, but then we started to make progress. The most important thing for me at this stage is to get confidence, because I still don’t know how the bike will react in certain situations. With the other one, I had done many kilometres and I knew how it felt when the rear started to slide, which I obviously can’t know after just 20 laps with the new one. What I can say for sure is that the new bike is a lot faster. The aerodynamics are better, I can tuck in properly and I feel much less wind pressure than with my old bike. It also seems to turn better, but as I said, it still needs a lot of fine-tuning. Apart from learning the new bike, Brno is also a new circuit for me. I like the fast, flowing and interlinking corners, but it’s a challenge to find the right line because if you don’t, it hurts the following corner entry!”

Source: QMMF Racing Press Release

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