Vazquez and Moncayo struggling in qualifying, Martin out of the race with scaphoid fracture

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It’s not been an easy day for the JHK T-Shirt LaGlisse Team. In addition to the tricky conditions of the circuit in the morning when the track was still partly wet, it was also confirmed that Adrián Martín will have to sit out the race with a fractured scaphoid bone in his left hand. The Valencian rider will be operated next week by the team of renowned surgeon Dr. Xavier Mir in Barcelona. Adrián hopes to return to action at Aragón.

Efrén Vázquez finished the qualifying in 15th, but despite starting tomorrow’s race from sixth row he’s confident to be able to get a good result. The Rekalde native had been on the podium at Misano in the last two seasons and has a good pace to try and repeat that feat tomorrow.

Andalucía JHK T-Shirt LaGLisse rider Alberto Moncayo will start just behind Vazquez in 16th and hopes to fight with the front group tomorrow.

#7 Efrén Vázquez, 15º 1’45”332 “In the end we could do a session in the dry and without the problems that rain always causes. I’m satsified with the work despite the result which is not the best at a slow circuit like this one. But the most positive is that the pace is pretty good and I am very motivated for the race. We also did our time without any references and Viñales, who is fighting for the championship, is only a tenth away, so what I’m saying is that we’re not lost. The first laps will be very important, but in the last two years I started from far behind on the grid and then I ended up on the podium. If we start well I think we can do very well.”

#23 Alberto Moncayo, 16º 1’45”332 “To be honest, today I didn’t feel very good on the bike. We changed a few things to try and improve, but especially in the left corners the front is closing a lot. At the end of the session we had a technical problem with the exhaust, but the good thing is that today wasn’t the race. The engine also didn’t help much, because with the engine limitation we have you have to manage them as good as possible to make it to the end of the season. Although the main problem is the chassis and we have to keep working tomorrow in the warmup to get a bit more pace. If we can do that I think we could do pretty well”

#26 Adrián Martín “Bad luck. I tried this morning, but then I saw that the pain was very strong and I went to talk with Dr. Mir and I saw very clearly that my scaphoid is broken. He recommended for me not to get on the bike and on Monday or Tuesday at the latest I’ll have surgery. I’ll have to spend several days with the arm immobilized and then I can start with the rehabilitation. I think I can be in Aragon, but it all depends on how the recovery goes. If that’s not possible we’ll return with strength for the final races, because it didn’t go too well this year but I want to be in the championship next season. I hope it will be in this team, because I feel very good here and their work is excellent.”

Source: Team LaGlisse Press Release

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