Nico Terol Interview: “The first season in Moto2 was tough”

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During the off-season the Aspar Team published a press release which features a double interview with Nico Terol and new team addition Jonas Folger, spanning a vast variety of topics. Below you can find all of Nico’s answers.


IMG_5610Nico Terol was the World Champion in the smallest category of MotoGP two seasons ago and his new team-mate Jonas Folger is amongst the favourites to be so in 2013. The pair are like night and day: Nico representative of the typical latino characteristics of vivacity and effervescence, Jonas the more quiet and reserved German. A passion for racing and a fierce determination to win are the characteristics that bring them together and early this year they spent time training together in Bocairent, Spain, getting in shape for a preseason that is just around the corner. The pair spent hours working hard on a variety of different training disciplines but took time out to discuss each other’s characters and look ahead to the new season.

What have you done over the holiday period?
Nico – A bit of everything. I spent time with my family and friends and just got plenty of rest in to recharge my batteries. I have done a bit of motocross training, which I was really looking forward to, and spent some time doing winter sports. I spent the New Year skiing with friends in Andorra.

What was your biggest indiscretion as a kid?
Nico – At the end of the school day I used to take the pipes off the spark plugs of the bikes of older kids and push some paper in so that they wouldn’t start!

Why do you use your current number 18?
Nico – I was given mine in the Fórmula de Campeones series back in 2000, when I raced in the Copa Aprilia. It has been my favourite number ever since and it’s the number everybody knows me for.

IMG-20130111-WA0009What qualities do you admire about each other?
Nico – Whenever he rides he gives everything. He is a rider who manages to squeeze all his potential out on the bike. I have also realised this week how much he likes to win. He is always trying to improve and beat his rivals. He’s like me in that respect, we are both winners.
Jonas – A lot of things, there is a lot I can learn from him. He is a great professional, totally focused on his career and his training, he leaves nothing to chance. He is known for having a winning attitude and physically he is a machine.

You seem to get along fine in ‘Spanglish’ – do you ever struggle to communicate with each other?
Nico – It’s more English because Jonas can’t speak Spanish and doesn’t want to learn! [laughs] Jonas – We are both fluent in our own language! [laughs] We use English to understand each other.

Nico, what kind of advice have you asked Jonas for? And Jonas what knowledge can you gain from a World Champion like Nico?
Nico – I’ve asked him how he thinks I can improve my riding in the wet. He says I don’t need to improve but I don’t believe him.
Jonas – How to control your nerves during a season when so much is on the line.

Which of each other’s qualities would you like to have?
Nico – His explosiveness.
Jonas – I would like to be as decisive as him and as mentally strong.

IMG-20130111-WA0011What do you hope for from 2013?
Nico – It would be great if we can start 2013 like we finished 2012, not just because of the podium at Valencia but for the feeling I had with the bike and the confidence that we were going about the job the right way.

Do you have any strange habits?
Nico – I am getting less and less superstitious but I have to admit that I don’t like seeing salt get spilled. And when I am passed the salt cellar I can’t take it directly out of somebody’s hand, it has to be on the table.

What keeps Nico Terol awake at night?
Nico – Nerves keep me awake on the Saturday night before a race!

Supermoto, motocross, mountain biking, gym work. . . You’ve both made a strong start to the year haven’t you?
Nico – As it should be… full gas!

What are your plans for preseason, which gets underway in February?
Nico – To continue working in the positive way that we found in the final Grand Prix of last season and the tests at Almería. I want to maintain my confidence in the rear grip of the bike and get a better feel for the front.

IMG_5649What are you hoping for from your new bikes?
Nico – I’m hoping for a bike that doesn’t load the front too much because last year there were a lot of moments where I felt like I was going to lose it. I’d also like less vibrations and more rear grip. I have to say that we made a big step with this already at Valencia and Almería but I’d still like to improve more in this area.

This is your fourth season with the Aspar Team… How comfortable are you in this team?
Nico – Extremely comfortable and very happy. We got on well from the first season together and in my second season with the Aspar Team I was able to live my dream of becoming 125cc World Champion. The first season in Moto2 was tough but I am convinced the second season can be successful. The Aspar Team is like a family to me, but it’s a huge and extremely professional structure. The team is ambitious and as a rider that just gives you more motivation.

Source: Aspar Team Press Release

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