Barbera frustrated as chattering issues spoil potential good result in Texas

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02 GP Austin 18, 19, 20 y 21 de abril de 2013The Avintia Blusens team travelled to Austin with high expectations and wanting to be among the best of the category. However, the weekend was complicated and during the practice sessions they had different problems that did not allow them to achieve their goals. Nevertheless, both riders finished the GP, but the result was conditioned by the circumstances of Friday and Saturday in which both riders had different problems.

Héctor Barberá lost positions at the race start and despite moving up the ranks easily, after the first three laps heavy chattering appeared, both on the front and back wheel, and prevented him from finishing in the expected places.

After this hard weekend, the Avintia Blusens team is already thinking of the Jerez GP.

8 Héctor Barberá (18th, 1?39.952): The truth is that I am not happy. It seems that the problems pursue us despite the fact that the team is doing things correctly. Today in the race, for example, from the third lap an incredible chatter has appeared. It seemed that there was something faulty and I even thought to enter the pits, but out of consideration for the team I have not done this. The race start has been good, but I quickly realized that the clutch was slipping and I rather lost positions than the clutch. I knew that I was able to move up, but I did not expect the problem with chattering. I am upset, because we are not achieving the objectives and both the team and I can do it.”

Source: Avintia Racing Press Release

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