Rabat and Espargaro lead the pack with first and third in Jerez practice, Pons 20th

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03 GP Jerez 02, 03, 04  y  05 de abril de 2013; Moto2, moto2,m2,M2
The Moto2 world championship arrived in Europe, setting up camp at the familiar track in Jerez de la Frontera and the Andalucian sun made a great appearance for practice today.

03 GP Jerez 02, 03, 04  y  05 de abril de 2013; Moto2, moto2,m2,M2Tito Rabat, taking second place just two weeks ago in Texas, led the field with the fastest laptime and showing and excellent race pace.

Pol Espargaró was working on the setup of his bike, but was unable to solve the problems with rear grip while Axel Pons took a good step forward, especially in the afternoon sesson.

1. TITO RABAT, 1.43.227 “We worked a lot and very well with the team and this was noticable on the track. In the morning I finished very happy with the time I did, with the pace and the setting we found. In the afternoon we focused on working for the race, with used tyres, and we could confirm that we are among the fastest, despite the higher temperatures and the track being very different to what we’ll likely have in the race. We have started on the right foot and I hope to continue this way.”

3. POL ESPARGARÓ, 1.44.037 “I have no grip on the rear and it’s impossible for me to open the throttle on the exit of the fast corners, because the bike is sliding and I go wide. I’m riding with little confidence and I’m losing a few tenths in several corners and this while riding one and a half seconds slower than the time we did in the last IRTA test here in Jerez. We will work with the time to find solutions and be more competitive in the third practice and the qualifying.”

20. AXEL PONS, 1.44.931 “In the morning I struggled to find the pace and the bike also didn’t go so well. In the afternoon we made some changes, I started to feel better and the times started to drop. I’m confident, because we took a big step forward, but without using new tyres, so we have some margin to keep improving tommorrow and work towards the goal to get a good position on the starting grid.”

Source: Pons Racing

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