Le Mans: A race to forget for team Tuenti HP 40

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It was a bad day for the Tuenti HP 40 team who found themselves with all of their riders out of the race after 3 laps. Axel Pons got caught up in a multi-bike accident in the first lap. Tito Rabat and Pol Espargaró crashed at the same moment and in the same spot, after hitting a wet patch on track while braking into turn 7 and losing the front. They both could return to the track but with their bikes damaged and without hope to gain a single point. After this bad result, Tito lost his championship lead to British rider Scott Redding who won today’s race. Polyccio moved down into 5th spot in the championship standings.

Tito Rabat – 23rd
I had a bad start but I could regain some positions, overtook Pol and tried not to lose sight of Nakagami. But everything went wrong when I left the line a little, braking on a damp part of the track, and I crashed. I tried to continue but it was already impossible to get anywhere close to the points and I couldn’t ride fast. It’s a real shame because we leave with nothing and we lost the lead in the championship. We now have to try and work hard to get a better result in the next race.

Pol Espargaró – 20th
I had a great start from 7th place into the leading position. I wanted to get away from the group a little until the race had settled down a bit to avoid unnecessary risks. In the third lap, all of a sudden I was overtaken by Nakagami and Tito, and a little bit further, copying my team mate’s braking, both of us slid onto a damp stretch of the track and lost the front of the bikes. I remounted my bike and tried to do some damage limitation by getting some points, but one of the footrests had come lose, my foot slipped off and I ran wide 2 or 3 times. Most of the other favourites for this race also leave without points, with the exception of Redding who today became a really strong opponent in the title race.

Axel Pons, DNF
I don’t know what I have to do to shake off the bad luck that seems to stick to me at the moment. I had a good start, gained a couple of positions, then in turn 7 of lap 1 I felt a hit from behind and before I knew it I found myself in the gravel besides 3 or 4 other riders. I need to do everything I can to have a better qualifying session and start from further up. Because at the back there’s always some sort of issue of one kind or another and it doesn’t seem possible to finish a race without any nasty surprises.

Source: Pons Racing

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