Video: Alex Rins & Alex Marquez take flight over Montmelo circuit

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Alex Rins and Alex Marquez put aside their role of riders for a day and handed over control to another pair of daredevils: Pilots Juan Velarde and Anselmo Gamez –who form the Bravo3 Repsol aerobatics team alongside Castor Fantoba. In a very different vehicle to that which they are accustomed, the Repsol riders experienced loops, corkscrews and other acrobatic maneuvers close up at the Circuit de Catalunya –where this weekend they take part in the sixth round of the Moto3 World Championship. Respective parents Rafa Rins and Julian Marquez also dared to have a go in the passenger seat during a top level aerobatic display.

The three Bravo3 will also be in action this Sunday, starring in an exhibition area prior to the MotoGP race. They have won over thirty medals in national and international competitions in the space of less than a decade. Castor Fantoba, Anselmo Gamez and Juan Velarde created the aerobatics team in 2009, in an attempt to bring the sport to the attention of the general public. Its Sukhoi 26 aircraft are built with carbon fibre and titanium, have engines capable of over 400 horsepower and produce a top speed of 450km/h.

Source: Repsol Media

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