Victories for Arenas, Mariñelarena and Fores at Albacete, CEV Repsol Rd4

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The heat of the Albacete Circuit was the background for the third round of the CEV Repsol. On the track, Albert Arenas, in Moto3, Alejandro Mariñelarena, in Moto2, and Xavi Fores, in Stock Extreme, took the victory of their respective categories. After this round of the CEV Repsol, the Championship will take a break and will resume its activity next September 8th, again in Albacete.


Thanks to an intelligent race, Albert Arenas won in the smallest category of the CEV Repsol. The Catalan rider, who started from third place, managed his pace during the first part of the race to launch his attack in the last phase. Arenas won a race that saw several crashes and where Bryan Schouten, second, and the rider from Cadiz Marcos Ramirez, third, accompanied him on the podium.
With this result, Marcos Ramirez keeps the overall lead with an advantage of three points over the second –Bryan Schouten– and 10 over the third, his team mate Maria Herrera. The winner of the last round in Aragon finished today’s race in sixth.


In the intermediate category, victory was for Alejandro Mariñelarena. The rider from Navarra achieved his second win of the season after an intense battle with Roman Ramos, Malaysian Hafizh Syahrin and Dani Rivas, who crashed in the end. Ramos, second, and Syahrin, third, accompanied Mariñelarena on the podium in Albacete.
In the Moto2 overall standings, Roman Ramos leads with 85 points, followed by Alejandro Mariñelarena –19 points behind– and Hafizh Syahrin –36 points away.

Stock Extreme

Xavi Fores completely dominated today’s round. The rider from Valencia started from the pole position and set a searing pace since the first lap that nobody else could match. Fores crossed the Finish line with an advantage of more than five seconds over the second, Carmelo Morales, and nearly 13 seconds ahead of Ivan Silva, third.
In the overall standings, Fores is also in the lead with 70 points and an advantage of 14 points over Carmelo Morales, second, and 23 ahead of the third, Ivan Silva.

Albert Arenas – Moto3 Winner
“It was a difficult race, as I expected, due to the heat. At the start I wanted to manage the tyres during the first laps, as they wear very fast with such high temperatures. I was in the first group until Adrian Martín and Luca Amato crashed and I stayed with Marcos [Ramirez] and Maria [Herrera]. When I saw that Alejandro [Medina] and Andrea [Migno] escaped, I tried to keep up with them and I achieved it by setting a consistent pace. During the last laps we had a very nice battle for victory. I couldn’t see it, but I think they both crashed in the last lap, it’s a shame. I send them my support and also to Joan Moreta, who is having a very hard time. I want to thank the team for their work and our sponsors.”

Race – Moto3
1. Albert Arenas Spain 30:18.814
2. Bryan Schouten Netherlands +7.035
3. Marcos Ramirez Spain +7.406
4. Jorge Navarro Spain +7.973
5. Gabriel Ramos Venezuela +12.657

Championship – Moto3
1. Marcos Ramirez Spain 53 points
2. Bryan Schouten Netherlands 50 points
3. Maria Herrera Spain 43 points
4. Wayne Ryan Great Britain 41 points
5. Fabio Quartararo France 34 points

Alejando Mariñelarena – Moto2 Winner
“The start didn’t go well, but I could keep the fourth place after the first corner. Hafizh [Syahrin] took the lead followed by Rivas and Ramos. They opened a bit of space in the first two laps, something I already imagined. But after three or four laps I could reduce the distance and I finally caught up with them. I felt comfortable and I took advantage of a mistake from Roman, who was too fast and I could pass him by the inside. After that I fought with Hafizh until I could overtake him. Later Rivas crashed just before the back straight. When I saw the leader, I tried to cool down a bit and not to push too much, because I saw Rivas’ crash and the track was in worse conditions that the rest of the weekend due to the heat and I didn’t want to take risks. In the last two laps I was able to get some advantage and that allowed me to win the race.”

Race – Moto2
1. Alejandro Mariñelarena Spain 30:56.019
2. Roman Ramos Spain +2.445
3. Hafizh Syahrin Malaysia +4.421
4. Jesko Raffin Switzerland +7.828
5. Russell Gomez Spain +8.864

Championship – Moto2
1. Roman Ramos Spain 85 points
2. Alejandro Mariñelarena Spain 66 points
3. Hafizh Syahrin Malaysia 49 points
4. Russell Gomez Spain 49 points
5. Jesko Raffin Switzerland 47 points

Xavier Fores – Stock Extreme Winner
“I was under a bit of pressure because we were in front the whole weekend and that is an additional responsibility. My strategy was to start as strong as I could and set my own pace. At the beginning I was able to build some advantage over the rest and set a pace of 1 minute and 29 seconds. But I knew that Carmelo [Morales] was behind and his pace was very similar to mine, so I couldn’t relax. It was a race where we had to be focused and avoid any mistakes. Seven or eight laps before the end I started to have some trouble with the front end because I used a different tyre from the ones we used during the weekend and we could not work too much in the set-up. Nevertheless, I was able to win and I’m very happy. We increased our advantage over the second in the Championship standings, but there are still a lot of races to go and keep doing a good work without making any mistakes.”

Race – Stock Extreme
1. Xavier Fores Spain 30:13.691
2. Carmelo Morales Spain +5.103
3. Ivan Silva Spain +12.843
4. Adrian Bonastre Spain +18.017
5. Antonio Alarcos Spain +22.177

Championship – Stock Extreme
1. Xavier Fores Spain 70 points
2. Carmelo Morales Spain 56 points
3. Ivan Silva Spain 47 points
4. Santiago Barragan Spain 38 points
5. Adrian Bonastre Spain 33 points

Source: Repsol Media

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