Dani Pedrosa Blog: From Monza to Misano

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It’s Grand Prix week again. This time at Misano, but before, I had the opportunity to go to Monza for the Formula 1 and had a great time.

It was nice to be invited there and have the chance to meet lots of interesting people from the Motorsport world and I also caught up with Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber.

Monza is a place embedded in Motorsport history and the fans have a huge knowledge and tradition in this sport and it shows.

They were very welcoming and I was glad to see that in the same way as we follow Formula 1, they are also interested in and follow the MotoGP Championship.

Now it’s our turn, in Misano. As there was no Grand Prix last week, after three weeks of races in a row, we were able to get back to our work routine. The word “routine” could sound “boring” to some but it isn’t for me. For us it’s a sign of normality, so I think that it is a good thing to be able to get back to routine work and training.

We are focusing this week, however, knowing that at the weekend, we have to give more than one hundred percent, and therefore, we have to setup and adapt training.

What’s more, Misano is a complicated circuit. It’s fun but also small and narrow. The first part is very twisty and slow, whereas the back part has very fast turns. This makes it more difficult to get the right setup.

The fans at Misano remind me a lot of the Spanish fans. A lot of people, the atmosphere is fantastic and they are very passionate about the Grand Prix. For our part, we will do everything we possibly can to be in the fight for victory and to close the gap with the leader.

Big hugs for everyone,


Source: Repsol Blog

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