New stars to be found – The Red Bull Rookies Selection Event for 2014

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Just three days after ex Rookie Luis Salom seized his seventh Grand Prix win of the season in Malaysia to extend his Moto3 World Championship lead, the next generation of stars assemble at the Monteblanco circuit in Spain in the hope of joining the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup for 2014.

Coming from 27 Nations the 102 teenagers represent the best developing talent. Anyone with high performance motorcycle experience can apply online so it is not only the road racers with dreams that have a chance but also motocrossers and speedway riders etc.

The Selection Event is run over three days with the entry split into two groups, the first for Wednesday October 16th with the second group on track on Thursday. The best from both are invited back for Friday and at the end of that third day between 10 and 14 will be invited to join those remaining from the 2013 Rookies to make up the full grid for the eighth season of the Rookies Cup in 2014.

The list of invited riders from the Selection Event will be announced on Friday evening.

Selection Event Entry List:

Callum Alderson – Australia
Max Croker – Australia
Nic Liminton – Australia
Tayla Relph – Australia
Corey Turner – Australia
Lawson Walters – Australia
Jacob Whitehouse – Australia
Loris Cresson – Belgium
Angelo Licciardi – Belgium
Vanhaeren Martin – Belgium
Tomas Casas – Canada
Milan Jablan – Canada
Stacey Nesbitt – Canada
Martin Gbelec – Czech Republic
Romana Tomásková – Czech Republic
Danny Raavad – Denmark
Patrik Pulkkinen – Finland
Juanes Alexandre – France
Enzo Boulom – France
Enzo De La Vega – France
Paul Dufour – France
Philipp Freitag – Germany
Arnaud Friedrich – Germany
Stefanie Köberle – Germany
Christian Stange – Germany
Lukas Tulovic – Germany
Marc Zellhöfer – Germany
Panagiotis Papapavlou – Greece
Alexander Somosi – Hungary
Kevin Keyes – Ireland
Marco Bezzecchi – Italy
Leraci Brunopalazzese – Italy
Riccardo Caruso – Italy
Matteo Ciprietti – Italy
Alessandro Delbianco – Italy
Fabio Di Giannantonio – Italy
Manuel Doria – Italy
Stefano Ferrante – Italy
Flavio Ferroni – Italy
Lorenzo Gabellini – Italy
Matteo Ghidini – Italy
Jacopo Gini – Italy
Anthony Groppi – Italy
Lorenzo Petrarca – Italy
Davide Pizzoli – Italy
Matteo Romeo – Italy
Fabio Spiranelli – Italy
Alessandro Zaccone – Italy
Kaito Fuse – Japan
Shun Kamei – Japan
Makar Yurchenko – Kazakhstan
Lyvann Luchel – Martinique
Jesus Elias Chain Gonzalez – Mexico
Patrick Delgado – Mexico
Adolfo Delgado Gomez – Mexico
Bo Bendsneyder – Netherlands
Robert Schotman – Netherlands
Dario Snel – Netherlands
Victor Steeman – Netherlands
Ryan van de Lagemaat – Netherlands
Casey Tobolewski – Poland
Pedro Barbosa – Portugal
David Ferreira – Portugal
Pregea Mircea – Romana
Andrea Zanotti – San Marino
Blaze Baker – South Africa
Troy Bezuidenhout – South Africa
Adolf Johannes Boshoff – South Africa
Alessio Coccioni – South Africa
Hanro van Rooyen – South Africa
Alex Börner – Spain
Manuel Consuegra – Spain
Joan Díaz Corbella – Spain
Augusto Fernandez – Spain
Marco Garcia Ferrandiz – Spain
Hector Garzo Vicent – Spain
Oscar Gutierrez Iglesias – Spain
Marc Luna Bayen – Spain
Jaume Masia Vargas – Spain
Marc Miralles Gonzalez – Spain
Mika Pérez – Spain
Francesc Perez Casas – Spain
Gerard Riu Malé – Spain
Bartolomé Sánchez Pérez – Spain
Sara Sánchez Tamayo – Spain
Pedro Soler – Spain
Alex Persson – Sweden
Johnny Rotvik – Sweden
Harun Çabuk – Turkey
James Concannon – United Kingdom
Zak Corderoy – United Kingdom
Daniel Costilla – United Kingdom
Asher Durham – United Kingdom
Kai Johnson – United Kingdom
Kia Mcgreevy – United Kingdom
Lewis Rollo – United Kingdom
Joey Thompson – United Kingdom
Nolan Lamkin – United States
Andrew Lee – United States
Anthony Mazziotto, III – United States
Jayson Uribe – United States
Ophélie Zayat – United States

Source: Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Team

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